Crossing Rubicon

8/24/2016 - Home sweet home - feels good to be back in CT! We love the CT Metal Scene and look forward to seeing you all out with the next few shows.

We hit our true home away (Bristol!) at Bleachers this Friday playing with our brothers in Fear the Masses and Shred of Salvation as we all gear up for the Big Kahuna 2 Festival in Providence Rhode Island Saturday. We'll have tickets Friday if you feel so inclined to come to Rhode Island with us.

No Less Than Everything

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Crossing Rubicon is:
Scotty Anarchy - Lead Vocals
Brandi Hood - Drums, Vocals
Zach Lambert - Guitar, Vocals
Jeanne Sagan - Bass, Vocals
Jesse Near - Guitar, Vocals

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Road To Big Kahuna
Fear The Masses
Shred of Salvation
Crossing Rubicon
at Bleachers Bar
300 Middle St
Bristol, CT 06010

9:30 PM


The Big Kahuna 2
Kobra Kai,
Dead By Wednesday,
Crossing Rubicon,
Fear The Masses,
and More
at Fête Music Hall
103 Dike Street
Providence, Rhode Island

12:00 PM


Warcock Palooza
Simple Machinery, She Walks Without Legs,
The Maddening Process, Revenge Against God,
Eye Of Anubis, Entierro, Crossing Rubicon,
Cyperna, Apostasy, Eyes Of The Dead,
and Dead By 'Fucking' Wednesday
at Cherry Street Station
491 N Cherry St Ext
Wallingford, CT 064192

3:00 PM


Ozzy America's Madness on Main!
Crossing Rubicon
Ozzy America
at Main Street Tavern
1884 Main St
Stratford, CT 06615

8:00 PM


FN Fest: OFNR 10 Year Anniversary and Scotty's Bday Banger
Stikpin, Vision Within,
Enemy Of Reason, Fear The Masses,
Naja, Crossing Rubicon, Dumpster Fire,
She Walks Without Legs, Everbody Hates Me,
and I Within I
at Cherry Street Station
491 N Cherry St Ext
Wallingford, CT 064192

5:00 PM

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